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I was born in Bern, Switzerland to father Boaz aka ‘Bosar’, a Jazz musician of Yemeni-Israeli descent and Swiss mother Verena, a humanitarian. I grew up both in Israel and Switzerland and came to the United States 18 years ago, with a big dream and a suitcase filled with over 200 R&B CDs.

As a child growing up, my parents placed a strong emphasis on the creative arts, a focus that has only evolved and transmuted over the years. There was always some form of creating going on, theatre, music, art, dance and writing. At  age 16 I took a leap and wrote and directed my first play.


Storytelling is more than entertainment. It's a conduit to challenge our perception of the world around us. As creators we have a responsibility to elevate and and expand the consciousness of humanity by igniting empathy and compassion. I am committed to that.


  • I am currently developing a 6-episode limited series based on true events. A story about my great grandmother, widowed at the young age of 22, forced to save her seven children from persecution in 1930’s Yemen.

  • I've been diligently studying ASL and about Deaf Culture and am committed to being a bridge and an ally to the Deaf community in our industry. More to come.

  • NYT coverage of our wedding!

SAG-AFTRA | US, Israeli and Swiss Citizen




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